Ice Cream Wasted


Why add ice cream?

There’s not always a need for high-end ice cream but, when there is, not filling this demand can mean a loss of customers. We have so many customers asking for a place to enjoy our ice cream. As we only want to offer tasting right now because we know what were good at. Making the ice cream! Our focus is manufacturing & producing our product to be placed in supermarket chains, consumed at restaurants, bars and many other establishments. 

You will make more money.
One of the biggest perks of adding our ice cream to your menu is that you will increase your profits. Our premium flavors will fetch a higher selling price. Consumed all year our flavors can be paired with fresh fruit, coffee, cookies (ice cream sandwiches). Where you might only be able to charge $2 to $5 for a bowl of ice cream, you can easily charge $7 or $10 for premium ice cream, as long as the serving size is rational and you can offer something truly unique for the customer.

You will sell a lot to adults. 
Your primary target will be adults, not children. Kids might be prone to enjoying premium flavors but its adults who enjoy the finer things. Adults are more likely to enjoy something a little out of the ordinary, unusual flavor combinations and seasonal ice creams.

Free advertisings to increase sales?
That's right. What comes with our product is also that we host free ice cream tastings once a week with our liquor infused, dairy free premium flavors. We continuously invest in teaming up with bloggers who have a large following, vegan communities, foodies, magazines, bars, liquor companies to name a few. 

Seasonal flavors hits a sweet spot.
Sweet potato ice cream? You can’t get away with that at your local ice cream shop, because it’s such an unusual flavor, and an interesting menu item. Season ice cream is unusual. We have found that most customers appreciate ingenuity and thoughtfulness for devising seasonal items. 
Dallas is exploding with foodies looking for items that are a novelty and adventurous. Adding a seasonal ice cream menu can keep customers coming back to try something new. 

This option is at no cost to you. We provide an eye catching countertop freezer with our product on display. We now have our convenient ice cream pouches that can be consumed by squeezing or tearing the top off and digging in with a spoon. 


10% Profit Share
At no cost to you, you can:

Receive a profit.
Attract potential new customers every day. 

Advertising on our website, social media channels & weekly email blasts to our 95,392 and counting subscribers.

100% Profit Option
This option allows you to buy Single Serving Cups, Pints, Quarts and/or Gallons at a wholesale price.


Cost - $9.50/Quart (32 oz)
8 Servings (4 oz) Typical Scenario:
50% Gross Margin
100% Markup
Revenue/Price = 2.50
$1.25 Gross Profit / Serving

$40/Gallon (128 oz)
20 Servings (6oz)

ypical Scenario:
50% Gross Margin
100% Markup
Revenue/Price = $4.00 /Serving
$2.00 Gross Profit / Serving

Where you can find us!
Jimmy's On The Pier - Galveston, TX

San Luis Resorts - Galveston, TX
Davis St at Hermann Park - Houston, TX
Mosaic Estates - Houston, TX

HEB Plus - Pearland, TX (April 5, 2017)

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