Ice Cream Wasted


1. Open to all dance groups with a minimum of 8 maximum of 20 members (may be all female, all male or combination of male and female)

2. Halloween Dance Battle will be held on October 30, 2017 | 7pm - 9pm

3. Registration forms are available BELOW.

4. To Complete Your  Registration, dance group/s must submit the following requirements:
Copy of Routine.
Duly signed registration form and waiver by each member of the group

Submit All Material:

5. Halloween concept must be incorporated in the dance performances. Participating groups may choose from the following:
Halloween Props
Halloween Costume
Halloween Sound Effects
Halloween Dance Moves

6. Over-all dance performance must meet the required time of a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes dance routine. Any Discrepancies on the required time limit (not meeting the minimum time or exceeding the maximum time) shall mean a deduction of 5 points from the total tallied score. The music MUST NOT contain inappropriate, lewd or offensive language. Point deductions may apply under the discretion of Events 101.

7. Dance groups may or may not use props during the presentation. Dance groups must abide by the restriction on the use of props (no fire or smoke, no sharp or harmful objects, no balloons with helium, no slimy chemicals, no water or any liquid). Dance group must only performed on the given area or space.

8. No Double Back and other Deadly Stunts Allowed! SM Supermalls and Events 101 will not be held responsible for any accident during the competition. (5 points deduction from the total tallied score)

9. 10 seconds in and 10 seconds out policy will impose.

10. Criteria for Judging:
Choreography and Execution 40%
Costume, Props and Adherence to the theme 25%
Timing and Rhythm 15%
Projection and Crowd Appeal 10%
Overall Impact 10%
TOTAL 100%

11. Prizes at stake: Worth of SM Shopping Money
Champion - Php $1,000
Runner Up - Php $100



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