Ice Cream Wasted


Q: Can those who are 21 and under allowed into the building?

No one under the age of 21 is allowed in our ice cream suite including infants. 

Q: How many flavors will I be able to try?

A. During our General tastings we give the option to try up to 6 mini cones. There is no set menu for our General tastings and you will not know what flavors you will get to experience prior to coming in. 

If you choose to reserve our menu experiences such as Willy Wonka & The Golden Cone or Farm to Table, you are able to get a glimpse at the full menu that will be presented to you and are served large portions of 3-5 flavors. 

Q: How many flavors do you have to try?

A. We have on average of 6 exclusive seasonal flavors for our General tastings, and sometimes if your lucky, we have a few new flavors that we are working on. 

Q: I have a party that is more than 4 people. Can we schedule a private party?

A: Yes. Our max for our ice cream wasted room is 50 people. To book our bigger tasting room please email us

Q: None of the dates are available that works with my schedule. How can I be put on a waiting list?

A: To be placed on a waiting list for cancellations please email us at with the date/time. We recommend, if you can, to go ahead and schedule the next available date/time that does work with your schedule. 

Q. What if I am lactose intolerant?

A: You are able to enjoy all of our frozen creams as they are all made with 100% Organic Coconut Milk using no egg or dairy product. Please mention all food allergies when coming in as some of our toppings and mix-ins contain egg and milk product. 

Q. How many people can your venue hold?

A. Our Bishop Arts District Location has seating for 16 and a 50 standing capacity. 

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